We love helping producers find financing for their brilliant independent genre film projects! We're always seeking the next potential cult hit, mind opener, masterpiece or out of the ordinary film project that has the potential to gather mass appeal to the most dedicated audiences worldwide. 

Please note that with each submission, you must have on hand a letter of intent from a completion bond company and a letter of intent for the film distribution.

For our services, we receive a negotiable compensation on the amount raised, plus a negotiable amount of the merchandising related to the film, and a producer’s credit as well for obtaining the funding for the project.

Our packages are submitted to our investors quarterly, however we only submit projects fully ready for financing with great potential. We never guarantee anything as it's inevitably up to the investors to decide what they will or will not be investing in at that time. However, we're always pulling for your success!


To get film financing, please contact us.