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Clockwork Mind Pictures

Los Angeles, CA
(818) 821-0761


Genre - Horror - Thriller - Action - Fantasy - Surreal - Intellectual - Drama - SciFi

"We develop projects that are intelligent, artistic, creative, stunning, dark, truthful, trippy, real, original and make you think!"

Tv Series - Web-Series - Films - Music Videos - Animation - Comic Books

Story Submission

We accept polished screenplay & story submissions for development as long as they meet our specific criteria from the above mentioned parameters;  be creative, intelligent, clever & different than what's currently on the market. We're looking for the next "cult hit", "conceptual masterpiece" or "mind awakening" project that people will love and remember for eternity.

Project Submission

We accept polished project submissions from any of the above mentioned categories, especially if they're ready to be financed. Your submission must have a Distributor attached, LOI's from well known talent, top sheet, business plan, budget sheet and ready-to-shoot screenplay or story with logline and summary. Preparedness ensues better a chance at being financed.


Investors, wish to smartly invest in any our many mind altering & innovative projects? Our formula for success guarantees the least amount of investment risk with the most payback. People are hungry for change, so it's wise for an investor to finance the next wave of projects that will inevitably become the next cult hits especially since genre is the highest grossing form of entertainment. 

Hire Creative Talent

We're partnered with cREAtive Castle Studios, a collective of elite specialist creatives in Los Angeles that bring you the best of their skills to the table. They work in every facet of the creative industry from visual arts & marketing to film production & comic books. You'll quickly be able to find some of the most amazing professional talent for your current or next production that will save you invaluable time and money! The roster is always expanding so keep checking back for new amazing talented artists!

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