We all have a beast within us...


Especially the overly nice best friend of Lauren Redd, who seems to know a little more than he should about her. Even the Grandmother's holding a life-changing secret from her Granddaughter. In this game of serial kindness, someone will eventually be found out...

blood redd poster 1.jpg

Directed by Brad Palmer
Produced by Kyle Rea, Sayda Alvarez
Starring Stephanie Hullar, Torey Widener, Michael Teh


Runner Up Best Horror Feature & Bloodiest Feature:
RIP Horror Film Fest 2014

Best Actress & Best Actor & SFX:
Shockerfest 2013

Runner Up Best Feature:
Shockerfest 2013

Best Special Effects:
New Mexico Fright Fest 2013

Official Selection:
Movie Monster's International Film Festival 2014