Clockwork Mind Pictures is dedicated to creating the best horror, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, action, mind enhancing and creative genre content in the world!

Clockwork Mind Pictures - Genre Production Company

Founded by genre-obsessed filmmaker Kyle Rea & his previous partner (Devon Marcel Clark III) in 2007, over time Clockwork Mind Pictures became one of the most dedicated genre production companies currently willing to create rare, unusual and/or mind altering projects built around the expectations of the fans.


It didn't seem so long ago that films such as Fight Club, Memento & Oldboy graced our presence. If you haven't heard of these films, by all means, take a few hours out of your busy day and absorb some of the most prolific cinema to grace the big (and small) screens. The fans enjoyed them so much that they went two and three times to see these films in the theater. Then, when they came out on DVD, everybody and their pet's were talking about them; They still do till this day! Why? Because the fans appreciated the content and the delivery of each of those projects down to a T. And when that happens, fans react to these films like cats respond to Catnip -- absolutely hyped!

However, it seems these days the current trend for the entertainment industry is

“remake, repeat, reboot, reimagine, adaption, sequel, etc...”
— Cookie Cutter Formula

We make our projects for the fans & to raise awareness!

If one simply pays attention to Facebook or any other social media platform at any given second (or any other forums, blogs or reviews online), the market would more than understand that the fans are simply sick and tired of these "get rich quick" formulas. They want something new, original, ballsy, intelligent and thrilling.

We all must come to terms once again and realize that we make art for the fans because the fans pay the bills. Get a fan hyped up and they will spread the word for you, "no marketing needing" (in a pun). It seems when the flow of the current is so challenging to swim up, all one must do is simply swim up another current to reach the same destination, the Ocean. 

A few Inspirations...

That drive us to keep our minds focused on what we want to accomplish and paying tribute to the original classics that have stood ground for so long in the entertainment industry. Because they took a chance, they set a new marker in the world, better yet, they had valid points to make with very strong messages or themes. It seems this is happening far less these days.


"Exercise Your Mind"

Never fear! We're here to help straighten out this industry with original, compelling projects that are made by the fans (us), for the fans (you) with a strong message and immaculate delivery. We want to blow your minds, get you to think, help you see a different perspective and keep you thrilled to the bones! We will not bend to the "watered down way" just for a quick paycheck. We make art and vow to always keep creative control so we can guarantee that we make the art for YOU done the way you like it!


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